7th Edition
by Walt Brown
Center for Scientific Creation,
328 pp., $25.00)
Review by Dr. C. Stuart Patterson

The book review reprinted above appeared originally in the newsletter of the Creation Study Group of Greenville, SC, which has given approval for use in the Creation in the Crossfire.

From time-to-time to time of us who are Biblical presuppositionalists are faced with arguments against the Biblical creation/flood account based on “scientific” presuppositions masquerading as facts. It is at such times that simply appealing to the Divinely revealed Wold will be casting pearls before swine, which Christ warns us not to do (Matthew 7:6). We need to be ready instead “to give a reason for the hope that is in us” (1 Peter 3:15) in terms of observable facts and testable hypotheses. When confronted with such a challenge, the apologist for Biblical creation could not be better aimed than to have this latest edition of Walt Brown’s classic at his side.

Those familiar with earlier editions are well aware of Walt’s unique model (the Hydroplate Theory) and the copious documentation supporting that explanation of the events associated with Noah’s flood. But none of you will be prepared for the new phenomena that are now brought under the explanatory umbrella of this model. For example, have you ever wondered about the origins of meteoroids, asteroids and comets? If so, you are already aware that there is no generally accepted explanation for any of these heavenly visitors. Walt’s explanation is shockingly bold but stunningly convincing when all the facts are analyzed as he does in great detail in two new chapters (totaling 38 pages) on these subjects alone.

By contrast to the general interest in comets and meteors, the average man in the pew probably hasn’t spent much time wondering about the great oceanic trenches. But they are as enigmatic for the professional geologists as comets and meteors are for astronomers. You will have guessed already that Walt also devotes a new chapter (18 pages in length) to the explanation of these structures, again with arguments that seem unassailable.

The new chapters cited above are not all that is new. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section has also been expanded with the addition of thoughtful answers to nine additional questions Walt often encounters.

I know this will betray my bias as a chemist, but I also found the expansion of what had been a brief Technical note on the Origin of Limestone into an 8-page chapter to be especially interesting.

Besides all of this new information, the artwork in the new edition is spectacular. There are 50 more full color figures and 14 more tables than in the Sixth Edition.

It is evident, from this brief overview, that the new edition has been expanded considerably, actually, it is 98 pages longer than the Sixth Edition. And yet, the price is still the same as that of the previous edition! (The Seventh Edition is not available in soft cover.).

In this reviewer’s opinion, anyone entering the creation/evolution battle without this heavy artillery is going to war unarmed.


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