When the South Bay Creation Science Association. first decided to publish Creation in the Crossfire, I thought it would be interesting if we sent it to the science professors at our local colleges and university: El Camino College, Los Angeles Harbor College, and California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Dear Sir:

After reading the challenge in your publication, I read Dr. Gentry’s book, Creation’s Tiny Mystery. In his book, he issued a challenge of his own to scientists to try to prove his theory to be false. He said they could try to do this by synthesizing a palm-sized piece of granite in the laboratory. This is not a bonafide challenge, however, because he knows such an experiment would be enormously expensive.

Dr. Gentry has identified a real problem for the evolutionists to solve, and they will one day. But scientists must not let such challenges go very long unresolved, so it is necessary that his premise be discredited in one way or another.

I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t sign my name. I do not want my colleagues to know that I have even read any literature on creationism, let alone a book such as Dr. Gentry’s. My career is too important to me to admit that I read any material other than approved technical journals.


This letter was received unsigned, so I shall address him/her as Anonymous George. Anonymous George is probably a young, untenured professor, since he (or she) fears the loss of his/her job.

Dear Anonymous George,

It must be ghastly working in an environment where your colleagues will seek to destroy your career if you simply read unorthodox material (This is the way the cults operate to keep their people in line). If that is your concern, I hope you copied down the list of Gentry’s journal publications—at least keep the easily accessible ones from Nature and Science. Surely, they wouldn’t hang you for reading his peer reviewed articles from approved technical journals. Study them carefully.

Evolutionists have left a great many problems unresolved, not just this discovered by Gentry. Charles Darwin left it to future evolutionists to fill the gaps in the fossil record. He was certain they would, but did they? Consider what George Gaylord Simpson said in the above quote [see The Fossil Record also on this web site]. The situation has not changed in the intervening years.

Evolutionists have also left unresolved the many difficulties on the prebiotic development of order leading to life. The experiments of origin of life investigators such as Sidney Fox and Stanley Miller proved fruitless. Dean Kenyon, who is a professor of biology at San Francisco State University and co-author of evolutionary Biochemical Predestination, became a creationist for this reason among others.

How can significant order and complexity arise from chaos? It is one thing to postulate such a possibility and give it superficially plausible statements, such as Illya Prigogine did and won a Nobel prize for in 1977, but it is something that has never been shown experimentally. As Kenyon stated in his review of Thaxton, Bradley, and Olsen’s The Mystery of Life’s Origin:

“…arguments are cogent, original and compelling….The authors believe, and I now concur, that there is a fundamental flaw in all current theories of the chemical origins of life.”

Kenyon co-authored Of Pandas and People, which presents another series of questions never satisfactorily answered by evolutionists. Both books are available through Foundation of Thought and Ethics, 900 St. Paul Dr., Richardson, Texas (214) 669-3400.

Considering the vast fortunes that have been spent on research for the theory of evolution, the cost for synthesizing a piece of granite would be less than a drop in the bucket and meaningless.

Anonymous George astutely realized the challenge Gentry made must not go on unresolved, otherwise it would tend to undermine the credibility of science. Do scientists really want to discover the truth or do they want to discover the truth only if it does not threaten the status quo? Do scientists try to deal with unresolved problems or do they try to sweep them under the carpet and ignore them? Clearly, something is a stake here. On the eve of Y2K, no one has resolved the challenge. Attempts have been made, which I have included on our web site for anyone to study in the Polonium Halos section.


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